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Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Feline Radioiodine Center

Radioiodine Therapy for Feline Hyperthyroidism

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We love cats!

Thank you for your interest in radioiodine therapy at Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital. We are dedicated to providing the highest-level service to our feline patients, the owners who love them, and the primary veterinarians who work so diligently to take care of them. Our practice is limited to radioiodine therapy which allows us to focus solely on hyperthyroid patients. We are the only provider of radioiodine in Oregon at this time and take this responsibility seriously. We have a focused team of cat lovers working to take care of the patients that need this amazing treatment. We're here to help however we can.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital is that "we treat cats, not thyroid glands". We want to help your cat to feel as well as possible for as long as possible, not just have a normal thyroid value. We will work with you and your primary care veterinarian to ensure that radioiodine and the testing surrounding the treatment fits in the best way into your cat's long-term health plan. We consider the entire case history and recommend basic overall health testing to make sure that we're making the best decisions for your cat.

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Hyperthyroidism & Radioiodine

  • Hyperthyroidism is the most common hormonal disease of cats, affecting up to 10% of cats over the age of 10. The disease is caused by a benign overgrowth of thyroid tissue in 98% of cases, with fortunately only a few percent due to cancer (adenocarcinoma). The excess thyroid hormone puts significant and, if not treated, ultimately fatal stresses on the body. The heart and kidneys are two organs at particular risk of the damaging effects of high thyroid hormone.

  • Radioiodine therapy also referred to as I-131, is the safest and most effective therapy for hyperthyroidism.  We are able to cure 95-98% of cats of this debilitating disease, usually with a one-time injection under the skin of a small-volume solution that doesn't sting, similar to vaccine administration.  

  • Studies show that cats that receive radioiodine live longer and feel better having had their hyperthyroidism cured with radioiodine than cats maintained on medical therapy (methimazole) or a prescription diet (y/d.) These other treatments do not stop the abnormal tissue from growing or even converting to cancer.  Another positive point is that radioiodine often costs less than these other treatments over time. 

We are excited to offer this amazing therapy to your cat!

Referring Veterinarians

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FRC’s service is limited to radioiodine. We’re here for you, your clients, and your patients. We offer fear-free handling, high-touch client care, and easy referral for veterinarians with regular, informative communication pre- and post-radioiodine.

We’re the only radioiodine facility in Oregon. We’ve advanced our program to offer:

  • 48 hour stay for cats that receive lower doses

  • High-dose radioiodine for adenocarcinoma

  • 8 cats/week capacity – 1-2 months treatment availability

Beautiful, spacious cat-friendly treatment room with a 16’ window facing a wooded area for the cats to look out onto and enjoy during their stay. And most of all, WE LOVE CATS. Our dedicated team of cat-loving staff do everything they can to make every client’s andpatient’s experience as stress-free as possible.

Learn More About Our Referral Program

Our Staff

Dr. Decker and her hyperthyroid rescue cat, Scooch

Diane Decker, DVM

Dr. Decker was a general practitioner, including a medical director role at a high-quality practice, for 18 years prior to dedicating her professional life to feline hyperthyroidism and radioiodine.  She has personally cured over 600 hyperthyroidism cases with radioiodine and is very happy to offer this to your cat. 

She has truly found her calling in offering this amazing treatment to our patients. Her goal is to lead the Feline Radioiodine Center at OVSH to expanded capacity and advanced medical offerings while always focusing on patient comfort and safety.

We have successfully petitioned Oregon’s Radiation Protective Services for a 48 hr stay for lower-dose patients, and have the ability to treat with high dose radioiodine for cats with thyroid cancer – all a first for radioiodine in Oregon!

Meet the Doctor
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Our Team

Meadow, CVT | Jakson, CVA, Student CVT (Class of 2024)

The Feline Radioiodine Center at OVSH is fortunate to have a team of highly-trained , experienced, and cat-loving veterinary technicians.

They are the “heart and soul” of the program. They form wonderful bonds with the patients during their stay with us. Even the shyest kitties often come to the front of the kennel asking for scritches by the end of their stay.

Our staff is dedicated to making the entire radioiodine process as stress-free as possible for our patients and for the people who have entrusted their loved their feline family members to our care.

Meet the Team

Our Hospital

View of the outdoors from inside a room at OVSH

We know that going to the hospital can make some kitties nervous. At OVSH we've made our hospital a more calming environment with fear-free handling techniques, a cat-only diagnostic and exam room, and our treatment/isolation room was designed with cat engagement and comfort in mind. 

Here we can see the cats' room at OVSH which has a great view of the outdoors! They have a shelf in their kennels where they can watch the wildlife from. 

Preparations & Timeline

One of the rooms inside OVSH
  • We are dedicated to treating and curing as many cats that need us at this beautiful, large facility.  Patients who are well-controlled on methimazole or y/d diet may take up to 2 months to work through the referral process (depending on case load, response to methimazole or y/d, coordinating schedules, etc), while we do our best to see patients who did not tolerate methimazole within a month. 

  • Please note that patients should be as stable as possible prior to being admitted to the hospital for post-radioiodine isolation.  Your cat may need to be on anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea or other supportive medications prior to radioiodine. 

Preparations & Timeline

Program Information

Medical Information

Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital is pleased to provide you with a variety of forms that can simplify the process of caring for your pet.

You can view the forms in PDF format by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat reader.


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COST: Please be aware that the total cost of this advanced medical procedure entails more than the injection and hospital stay. We will work together during the consultation to develop a plan that matches your philosophy and budget. We will send an individualized treatment plan after your phone consult. The prices below are a guideline and should not be taken as a final estimate.

  • Phone Consult: $175 to $200

  • Pre-Radioiodine Prep Appointment [OVSH]: up to $1150 *Please note that not all tests or procedures are required or appropriate for all patients

  • Echocardiogram [Veterinary Cardiologist]: Approx. $650 to $800

  • Radioiodine Injection & Hospitalization: $1475 (most common, lowest dose) to $3000 (rare high dose for thyroid cancer)*(Details in Client Information Packet, Part 4)

  • Post-Radioiodine Testing [Your Vet]: At least 3 visits with lab work and exam. The cost is determined by your veterinarian’s pricing structure.

Contact Us

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  1. Every cat, client, and veterinarian is important to us. 

  2. The best way to contact us is to email us at [email protected]. We do our best to reply within 2 - 3 business days.  Please note Feline Radioiodine Center days in clinic (different than OVSH).

  3.  You are welcome to call (503) 616-2711 during our business hours if needed.  You may need to leave a message as we are often away from the phone with a client and patient care. 

  4. If your need is more urgent, please note that in your subject line, or call the main clinic at (503) 292-3001.

  5. If you need assistance when Dr. Decker is not in the office please see below.

  6. CLIENTS:  Please call your primary veterinarian with any health concerns. They have been sent guidelines from us for testing that is required and thoughts on follow-up if your cat is not feeling well post-radioiodine. 

VETERINARIANS:  Please consult with a local internist or an internist at your reference lab who offers free consultations.

Hours of Operation

(Subject to Change)

Diane Decker, DVM  Program Director, Radiation Safety Officer  (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

Team (Mon - Fri)


Browse our catalog of frequently asked questions and learn more about what to expect on your next visit.

Client Testimonials

From Jenny B. and Nelli

Thank you to your team for the amazing care and communication. I didn't get to say it on pickup — but it's clear how much work your team puts into client communication ❤ Every moment of communication with your team was empathetic and positive. It made this so much easier to endure and navigate and it didn't go unnoticed. I know the vet industry has been utterly overwhelmed the last few years, but y'all were top notch — never adding external stress to an already stressful ordeal. Thank you again for your kindness, care and service! Thank you again ❤❤❤

From Natalie, Eric, and Charlie

I cannot say enough great things about Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital Hyperthyroid Clinic and their team of caring kitty professionals! Our cat, Charlie, received radioactive iodine treatment, I-131, for hyperthyroidism on 1/9/23. Dr. Decker and her team were amazing from start to finish! Charlie is cured, happy and is purring again. Dr. Decker remains available for consultation with our regular veterinarian as Charlie receives his follow-up check ups. I would say to anyone who is a bit overwhelmed with the details of having their cat undergo radioactive iodine treatment, you don't need to worry as Dr. Decker and the veterinary technicians are top-notch. They will walk you through each step of the process. While it can be difficult to be away from your kitty family member while they are hospitalized, the vet techs provide a caring environment and keep you informed with how your cat is doing. I am grateful to the entire team that Charlie's quality of life has been improved as well as his longevity, since he is now cured of hyperthyroidism. He suffers from a chronic eye condition that now has almost resolved due to his thyroid problem being corrected, which is a bonus! Thank you, Dr. Decker and team, for your commitment to helping our furry feline family members live their best quality of lives!

From Katherine M, DVM and Spaz

Doctor Decker and her team are fantastic. Throughout the entire process of I-131 they explained everything thoroughly and answered all the questions that I had. My cat doesn't like other cats at all, and they were able to accommodate her needs. The room where she stayed also has a big window with a nice view she was able to enjoy while she was there. When she came home, she was her normal, happy self, and almost immediately returned to her regular routine. Doctor Decker and the entire I-131 staff were kind, knowledgeable and communicated clearly from the first consult all the way through the discharge and follow up exams. I am very glad I brought my cat in to see them.

From Marcus, his wife, and their cat Sophie

Sophie is a special case that came to our clinic after the owners tried to get help for her aggressive hyperthyroidism for over a year. We were able to treat this wonderful girl within a few weeks of the owner contacting us. She did not tolerate her methimazole medication and was quite debilitated by her disease. She needed high dose radioiodine for her suspected thyroid cancer. Sophie’s disease has been cured, she’s gaining weight and is recovering well at home with her family that loves her. My husband, Marcus and I would ‘shout off the rooftops’ about our amazing experiences with the Oregon Veterinary Specialty Hospital...Dr. Diane Decker and her amazing, compassionate staff (Mindy, Meadow and Jackson) gave our kitty, Sophie, her Life back...Sophie suffered from severe hyperthyroid and using I-131 treatment (radioiodine) she is now successfully recovering! These are highly skilled professionals who LOVE CATS...we are so very grateful...💚🐈